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Pissy Hetero

A straight girl with lesbenvy.


A fan of DJ Lisa Pittman.


The quintessential sexy-time killer.

Poppa Squat

The yellow smurf.

Pulling an All Nighter

Engaging in a lesbian threesome.


An all you can eat buffet.

Red Wings

See "Earning Red Stripes."

Riot Grrrl

A kick-ass genre of music. Among the bands in this style are Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney, and Pussy Riot.


What every lesbian above 40 thinks they are really good at.

Scissor Sisters

Friends with an ex-girlfriend in common.


Breathing through your mouth by tilting your head slightly while performing oral sex.


A pain that hurts so good. Symptoms are spaghetti legs and narcolepsy.

Sports Bra

What some lesbians consider a bathing suit top.


Que rica son.


Where you take your girlfriend when you’re ready to solidify your relationship.

The Fountain of Cooch

Excessive vaginal wetness.

The Mariah Carey

Hitting a high-pitched note while having an orgasm.

Throwing Shade

Drag Queen speak for insulting someone.


A straight girl that hangs out with lesbians.

Tramp Stamp

The lesbian birthmark.

Tuna Cannes

When a lesbian movie wins the top prize at Cannes.

Uh Huh Her

A kick-ass band comprised of Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey.


Your go-to girl for dates, sex, and debauchery without any emotional attachment. All the benefits without the consequences.

Underboob Cleavage

What you get when your bikini top is too small.

Underboob Sweat

The secretion of all the liquor you drank. Just add Red Bull and repeat the cycle.

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