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A lesbian Presbyterian.


Your number two girl.


A lesbian's heterosexual male best friend.


The act of shaving, waxing or lazering your pubes.

Lip biter

One who bites down when going down.

Lipstick Lesbian

When she says, “I’ll be ready in 5,” it means she is just getting in the shower. Forty-five minutes later, she will do her hair for an hour, and spend 30 minutes trying on outfits. Once she’s done, she will need to pack a new purse that is one-fourth the size of her day-time purse. And, right when she is ready, she decides to change her shoes. But, the shoes are absolutely hideous and they don’t really fit right, so she decides not to go at all.


The only name you should say while making love to avoid a potential slip.


Wearing so much mascara, it’s scary.

Meeting Notice

What executive-level lesbians send each other when they want to schedule sex.


The act of seducing the ladies with rock-star confidence and insane sex appeal.

Michael Douglas Excuse

Refusing to go down for fear of contracting throat cancer.

Momma Issues

A skinny lesbian that prefers BBW lovers.

Mommy Issues

A young lesbian that prefers older lovers.

My Phone is About to Die

What you say when you need to get off the phone and need a few hours to yourself.


A lesbian that falls asleep right when it's her turn to go down.

Ninja Lesbian

She eats you without your knowing.


Covert lesbian hangout, where the fashion sense is worse than usual.

O Face

The face one makes when having an orgasm.


A woman that identified as a lesbian for a short amount of time, most likely while in college.

One-way text

A text message you send a friend, even though you know she is not going to respond.

Out of Batteries

A lesbian's worst nightmare.


What gets in the way.


A vagina without moisture.

Party Hats

When your nipples show through your Walmart bra.


When your underwear has a hole in it.

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