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An alcohol or drug-induced state of mind in which a normally heterosexual person begins acting in a seemingly gay manner.

Getting X-Rayed

When you know you're being checked out and you turn so they can get a better view.

Girl Wood

A lady boner.


Inviting a friend out to the club only to create the illusion that you’re dating.

Gold Star Lesbian

A lesbian who has never met a penis.


Someone that experiments with pubic hair designs.

Hairy Nipples

Not a contest you want to enter.

Hall of Gay

Inductees perform magical feats of lesbian agility, like (but not limited to) convincing two straight girls to have a threesome.

Happy Hour

The first 60 minutes of sex.

Herbal Essence

The slight smell of marijuana that lingers in the hallway of the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista during Girls in Wonderland.

Hex Girlfriend

A lover that frequents santeros, babalawos, and voodoo priests.

Hit It and Quit It

A phrase that means you have no intention of 'U-Hauling It' with your lover. Also a phrase you should never say to the person you are actually hitting and quitting.

I'd Rather Sudoku

Referring to a woman that requires too much work to get into her pants.

Inside Her Head

Where a lesbian goes during sex and as a result she is unable to climax.

I’m with Edie

Campaign supporting Edith Windsor, the widow of Thea Spyer and the plaintiff in the United States v. Windsor Supreme Court case that will decide if DOMA is unconstitutional.

Jumping Jacks

An exercise conducted through physical education courses and for many lesbians, the first time they noticed their best friend's breasts.

Just Kidding

What you say after you admit to sleeping with your lover’s best friend.

Katy Perry

A straight girl that likes to kiss lesbians.


The company that used the slogan, "Finger lickin' good."


It’s a party that you want to have. Lock the doors - tight.

Labia Menora

I went to school with a girl named Labia Menora.


Using your partner's inner thigh to wipe your face after you're done going down on her.

Legacy Couple

A couple that everyone knows will stay together forever. For. Ever.


An entourage of lesbians.


The lesbian equivalent of a psychopath.

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