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A Colombian Lesbian.

Coming Out of the Dark

The act of seeing daylight and/or returning phone calls after having sex for an entire weekend.


Cooties in your coochie.


A Cuban Lesbian.

Cucaracha Muerta

The position assumed by a straight girl, getting orally pleasured for the first time by a lesbian.

Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

The song on every lesbian’s “Sexy Time” playlist.


Much like deja vu, it’s when you start to remember all the things you said and did the night before while having sex with that girl you met at a Pandora party.

Diesel Dyke

She can go down and give you an oil change at the same time.

Disney Dumb

Returning from Girls in Wonderland and using the hotel keycard to get into your front door.

Disney World

Where lesbians go to honeymoon.


A Dominican Lesbian.

Driving While Cray

The act of driving off after having a fight with your girlfriend.


All of the political drama associated with the Supreme Court decision to strick down DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).

Earning My Toaster

Having sex with a straight girl.

Earning Red Stripes

Going down on a girl when she has her period.

Elephant Ears

Very large vagina lips.

Extreme Boob Play

When a lesbian gets a little too carried away with her partner’s boobs and makes for uncomfortably long and sometimes painful foreplay.

FeDora the Explorer

The uncontrollable feeling to take off a girls fedora to be sure that she doesn't have an enormous forehead and/or a bald spot.


Fighting over text messages. Standard insults apply.

Final Stretch

The moment you realize she is finally about to orgasm and you commit to pushing through physical exhaustion to "get'r done."

Freddy Kruger

A lesbian with acrylic nails.


A single lesbian. Not to be confused with a free-of-charge lesbian.

Freshly Squeezed

The vaginal secretion in your underwear and/or sheets.


Not an acceptable substitution for a sex toy.


The sound a cock makes when you put it in your mouth.

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