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Baby Dyke

A little lesbian with masculine features and tendencies. After their 23rd birthday, Baby Dykes turn into Old Dykes.

Baby Fever

Symptoms include biological clock-ticking; vetting all male friends as potential sperm donors, and holding other people’s babies for way too long.

Baking Bread

A yeast infection.

Bathroom Kisses

Using the privacy of the ladies room to unsuspectingly lock lips.

Bearded Clam

A vagina that looks like Fidel Castro’s face, sideways.

Bed Death

When sexual relations between a couple have virtually ceased, yet the companionship remains.

Bin Ladin's Cave

A vagina so cavernous, you can hide in it.

Black Hole

When your friend falls into a vagina cave and won’t call you back.


A Puerto Rican Lesbian.

Breakfast in Bed

A morning lay.

Bull Dyke

Never, ever give them a red lipstick, or a red nail polish because they will fuck you up.


Her idea of peek-a-boo shoes are chancletas with socks that have holes in them.

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