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A Challenge

A straight girl.

A-B-C Sex

When a couple has sex only on anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. This marks the beginning of Bed Death.

Acting Out

The way straight girls act when hanging out with a group of lesbians.

Adam’s Apple

If you’re girlfriend has one, don’t eat the fruit.

Airplane Mode

Ignoring phone calls to fully concentrate on getting into your lady friend’s pants.

All or Nothing

How most women feel about ass play. They either want it or you’re not allowed anywhere near it. Either way, their stance on ass will never change.


The ability to masturbate with both hands.

Aqua Girl

A girls only event that takes place in May and benefits the Aqua Foundation for Women.

Baby Dyke

A little lesbian with masculine features and tendencies. After their 23rd birthday, Baby Dykes turn into Old Dykes.

Baby Fever

Symptoms include biological clock-ticking; vetting all male friends as potential sperm donors, and holding other people’s babies for way too long.

Baking Bread

A yeast infection.

Bathroom Kisses

Using the privacy of the ladies room to unsuspectingly lock lips.

Bearded Clam

A vagina that looks like Fidel Castro’s face, sideways.

Bed Death

When sexual relations between a couple have virtually ceased, yet the companionship remains.

Bin Ladin's Cave

A vagina so cavernous, you can hide in it.

Black Hole

When your friend falls into a vagina cave and won’t call you back.


A Puerto Rican Lesbian.

Breakfast in Bed

A morning lay.

Bull Dyke

Never, ever give them a red lipstick, or a red nail polish because they will fuck you up.


Her idea of peek-a-boo shoes are chancletas with socks that have holes in them.

Cactus Legs

Generally what happens to women after 4 consecutive days of not shaving her legs.

Cage-free Lesbian

A lesbian that is allowed to roam, even though she is in a relationship.

Candle Wax

What should never, ever be poured on to genitals.

Cat Whiskers

What happens when you do a crappy job shaving your vagina.


Fast food chain that uses religion as their excuse to hate gay people.

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