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Tuesday, 17 April 2012 05:00

Imagine Me & You

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Luce: "Don't forget me..."

Rachel: "I won't remember anything else."Imagine Me and You

That is one of the sweetest lines I've ever heard in a film! Every time I watch this film I get goose bumps for a few seconds before this scene, just in anticipation of the flood of butterflies that line gives me. Every. Single. Time. I'm talking, of course, of none other than "Imagine You & Me," the 2005 film that takes its title from a line in the song "Happy Together" and is directed by Ol Parker.

The film begins on the day of Rachel's (Piper Perabo) wedding with her longtime friend and lover Heck (Matthew Goode). Luce (Lena Headey) was the florist for Rachel's wedding and seconds before the ceremony, as Rachel was walking down the aisle, the two exchange a look. But not just any look; that look, the one that every girl dreams of right before going to sleep, the same one every girl longs to see in her suitor's eyes, the look of true love (shrieks like little girl!). Rachel begins a friendship with Luce, at first intending to match her new friend up with her husband's friend, Cooper, but then soon finds out that Luce is a lesbian. During the course of their friendship, Rachel starts to question her own sexuality. And though she comes to realize she may have feelings for her new friend, Rachel must decide who she will ultimately find the most happiness with: Heck, her new husband who is also adored by her family, or Luce, who has turned her life and everything she thought she knew about love upside down.

You will read plenty of reviews of this film in which the critics complain that the love story was too contrived and plain. But I'm going to critic this movie from the point of view of a "love at first sight", "princess charming searching", and "happy ever after" loving lesbian.

OHHH EMMM GEEE... This movie is so freaking cute!!!!

In a genre of cinema where most films that involve the development of a lesbian relationship include plenty of drama and tragic endings, this light hearted romantic flick hits the ball right out of the park for a girl like me. As opposed to many films of this nature, there wasn't a lot of discussion of Rachel's character struggling with the realization that she was gay, instead they made it a point to explain that she just fell in love and the audience is asked to understand that. There wasn't a lot of drama when her family finds out Rachel has fallen in love with a woman, instead it becomes one of those adorable scenes with her mother Tessa (Celia Imrie) and her father Ned (Anthony Cooper) accompanying Rachel on a chase through London to find Luce. I particularly loved how the writers of the film portrayed her family more interested in Rachel's happiness than the semantics of her sexuality, the way things should be. There wasn't even a lot of drama when her husband found out she was in love with a woman, instead he said the thing that mostly everyone wants to hear in a moment like this, "more than anything else I wanted to be the cause of happiness in you. But if I'm not, then I can't stand in the way, you see? Because what you're feeling now, Rachel, is the unstoppable force. Which means that I've got to move."

Chuck full of lines that will make your heart beat so fast you'll think you have angina and adorable scenes between the two main characters that will make you want to run out and fall in love all over again, this film is a sure fire hit on a date night at home with your special girl.

Monday, 19 March 2012 05:00

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

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The beautiful thing about Miami is that just when you think you have the City pegged, it goes and changes on you. Over the last few years several different areas in our fair City have been buzzing with growth. One area of note is the area that most Miamians commonly call "Midtown", located north of Downtown and south of the Miami Design District, bound by North 29th Street to the south, I-195 to the north, I-95 to the west and Biscayne Bay to the east.Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Midtown is one of the neighborhoods that hosts the yearly contemporary art fair in December known as Art Basel, and as a result the area has exploded with culture and art. The streets are lined with galleries, antique shops, and trendy restaurants.

I recently visited Wynwood and had a splendid dinner at an amazing restaurant called Wynwood Kitchen & Bar (“WKB”). Located on 25th Street and NW 2nd Avenue, the restaurant is nestled within the Wynwood Walls, conceived by the renowned community revitalizer Tony Goldman in 2009. These walls consist of a large area of warehouse buildings with no windows that act as giant canvasses for the most exquisite street art you've ever seen. The walls are filled with vibrant colors and multi-themed graffiti murals that make you feel like you’ve stepped into another City momentarily until, of course, you feel the warm breeze of our South Florida nights and remember you are home.

The staff at WKB was magnificent; quick to sit you at your table, attentive to your every need, and can recite the menu with such delight that every dish sounds mouthwatering. The dining area is surrounded by wall to wall artwork of artists such as Fairey, Christian Awe, and David Benjamin Sherry. The evening I visited, they had just introduced a Jazz band playing in the main sitting area. There is nothing like being surrounded by beautiful art, fabulous music, and succulent food to make the evening absolutely perfect.

The menu has a tapas theme, although the food is not only Spanish. The dishes are small and reasonably priced with the idea that the patrons order several dishes to share at the table and taste the different flavors the amazing Chef Miguel Aguilar has to offer. I tried their Ropa Vieja Empanadas stuffed with chicken and cilantro crema which left me in a state of ecstasy, and followed it with their Pork Tenderloin dish made with apple, jicama slaw, and shallot gravy which was to die for. If you want to try a drink at the bar I highly recommend their Lychee Martini. It's a bit sour but packs quite a nice punch that sets the mood for the rest of the night.

Wynwood Kitchen & BarAfter enjoying a delicious meal in an outstanding ambience, take a stroll through the Wynwood Walls. You will see graffiti by artists such as: Os Gemeos, Invader, Kenny Scharf, FUTURA 2000, Dearraindrop, FAILE, BÄST, Shepard Fairey, Aiko, Sego, Saner, Liqen, Nunca, Ben Jones, HOW & NOSM, Ryan McGinness, Jim Drain, Ara Peterson, Retna, Stelios Faitakis, Clare Rojas, The Date Farmers, avaf, ROA, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Logan Hicks, b., PHASE 2, Joe Grillo, COCO 144, Gaia, Vhils, Interesni Kazki, Neuzz, Swoon, Ben Wolf, David Ellis, Barry McGee, Brandon Opalka, and Friends With You.

Study the street art, let the images wash over you and enjoy the experience for it’s not one that is often scene in our City.

Next time you want to spend an evening out on the town with someone special, take her to Wynwood Kitchen & Bar. Your senses will be overrun with beauty, elegance, class and style. I guarantee you'll have an amazing evening.


Monday, 19 March 2012 05:00

Pandora Events

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When I came out of the closet in 2002 it was a horribly lonely time for me. I didn't know anyone that was gay and at that point all my friends had turned their backs to me. I felt lost and didn't even know where to Pandora Eventsbegin to make new friends that would accept me for who I was. Luckily, one night, I stumbled onto Pandora Events online and all of a sudden I had a direct link into the heart of the South Florida Lesbian Community.

Every month there was a new party to go to, new people to meet, and places where I could go and feel comfortable with whom I was. Pandora Events provided acceptance in a time when all I felt was rejection. That was a decade ago and today Pandora Events is such a dynamic force that there isn't a Lesbian in our community that hasn't at some point in time attended an event hosted by them. These ladies definitely fall within the category of people who've supplied the pulse to our throbbing community.

Earlier this week I interviewed Yesi Olivera-Leon, one of the co-founders of Pandora Events, to get a feel for who the people were behind the name. She explained that the idea for Pandora Events was born in the late 1990's out of frustration with the lack of Lesbian parties in South Florida. Yesi had experience organizing raves and together with Amy Alonso they began organizing Pandora events and called their events Pandora. These events later became "La Descarga", the all too familiar monthly Lesbian themed party which is a staple of our community today. Somewhere along the line, as these parties began generating buzz, they joined forces with Alison Burgos creator of Aqua Girl and together these ladies have organized fabulous events such as Girls In Wonderland in Orlando, Aqua Girl in Miami Beach, the Women’s White Party in Miami, the official women’s events for Atlanta Pride, Shedonism Las Vegas, Winter Party, Miami Beach Pride as well as, local weekly and monthly themed parties from Miami to the Palm Beaches.

Their parties are always filled with great entertainers, some veteran faces from our community and some up-and-coming new artist that all add to the experience of the night. We discussed how much the Lesbian community in South Florida has evolved and changed over the years and how, as a company, they've also had to change and evolve to keep up with the community.

"It isn't only about doing parties now, we had to grow and expand the events to attract woman of all ages, regardless of their relationship status. That's why for the White Party, for example, we have different types of events all week so that everyone can attend something they like and all of our events go to benefit one of the GLBT organizations," Yesi explained.

Very few times in life do people get to do something so spectacular that affects the lives of so many. These ladies have molded the shape of our community, created an environment that celebrated and embraced everyone, and did so by doing something that they absolutely love.  If that isn't a dream come true, I don't know what is. We should all be so lucky.

What's next in store for Pandora Events? They are expanding nationally and hosting parties across the country. This year they will be hosting Shedonism during Las Vegas Pride from September 6-9, 2012 and closer to home we have the following events to look forward to Aqua Girl May 2-6, 2012 and then Girls in Wonderland May 31 – June 3, 2012.

So you know what you have to do now, get all dolled up and get ready to party because it’s going to be one long hot summer with Pandora Events.

Monday, 19 March 2012 05:00

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

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"Good things come to those who wait." Such a short sentenced filled with so much feeling. That sums up the feel of "Hedwig  and the Angry Inch", the film which is the subject of this week’s review.

Have you ever taken a moment to really think about what an amazing form of art film is? Some films are funny, some are scary, some are romantic, but the best kind of films, in my opinion,  are the ones that make you see the world through someone else's eyes, if only for two hours. The films that move you, the ones that make you think, the ones that Hedwig and the Angry Inchmake you question your decisions in life.

"Hedwig  and the Angry Inch" is one of those films and as if that weren't enough, I've found that throughout the years every time I watch it, I find new meaning. That is the true art of film, a movie so open to your own personal interpretation that its meaning can evolve as you do.

"Hedwig  and the Angry Inch" is a 2001 American musical film based on the stage musical of the same title about a fictional rock band fronted by an East German transgender singer. The film was adapted and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, who also portrayed the title role and is chock full of outstanding music and lyrics by Stephen Trask.

The film follows the story of Hansel Schmidt, a transgender wanna-be rock star living in Communist East Berlin, on his bizarre quest to find his soul mate. Unlike most generic love stories where two people meet and fall in love, Hansel's story was much more complex. Every time he fell in love he lost a piece of himself (sometimes literally), and by consequence each one of these encounters molded the person he was to become. His search for true love eventually leads him on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

I'm going to get a bit spoilerish now to get to the point of my review, so if you haven't watched the film, I apologize if I reveal too much. Watch it anyways, I guarantee you'll find a different meaning, I always do.

The character of Hansel is fascinatingly complex. He is very intense, the "all or nothing" type of person, and often made decisions based on feeling rather than logic. At the beginning of the story, he is living in East Berlin with his mother when the Berlin Wall was still up. He yearned for freedom. He yearned to find true love. He yearned to become someone else and that's when he meets Luther Robinson, an American soldier stationed in East Berlin. Luther and Hansel fall in love and Luther offers Hansel the one thing he's been yearning for most, freedom. He offers to marry him and take him back with him to the United States. There was a snag, of course, Hansel is a boy. So they come up with this plan to get Hansel a sex change operation and that is when Hedwig Robinson is born. Unlike most transgender individuals, Hansel did not seek the sex change operation because he felt this overwhelming feeling that he was indeed a woman living in a man's body, he did so to achieve a goal. He did so to be able to marry Luther and escape communist East Berlin. His sex change operation was botched and he was left deformed; the price he paid for love and freedom.

One year later, on their wedding anniversary, they are both living in Junction City Kansas and Luther announces that he is leaving Hedwig for another man. The scene is shattering. Hedwig sits on a recliner and the TV is playing in the background as Luther makes his exit. Hedwig is completely in shock, everything seems to be moving in slow motion, and the sound of the TV keeps getting louder. When he focuses on it, it's a news report about the falling of the Berlin Wall. They were detailing how East Berlin was now free and Germany will now reunite. Then the news reporter says "The Germans are a patient people, and good things come to those who wait."

Good things come to those who wait.

The look on Hedwig's face when he hears those words is devastating. All that he sacrificed, all that he changed and lost… all for nothing. The scene is shiver inspiring.

What are you willing to sacrifice for your dreams?

Life is overwhelming, especially when you have dreams, goals, and aspirations that seem so far out of your reach. Sometimes it may even feel like you’re stuck in quick sand and the more you struggle the deeper you sink. But is it really achieving your goal if you lose a part of yourself in the process?

This film reminds the viewer that it’s ok to dream, it’s ok to sacrifice, but what we must never do is forget that although reaching our dreams is spectacular, it's the journey to our goal that makes us or breaks us. Hedwig teaches us to slow down, enjoy the journey, embrace the difficulties, and be watchful not to lose a piece of ourselves in the process. But most importantly it teaches us to never forget that good things come to those who wait.

Monday, 19 March 2012 05:00

Better Skin Now...

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I believe taking joy of life is the best cosmetic... With that being said, I will be guiding you through the maze that is beauty products out there.Clarisonic

Let’s start with the basics: Face washing and exfoliation. It has been said that for every night you go to bed with your make-up on or simply do not wash, you add ten days of aging to your skin. It sounds easier said than done, you’ve had a long day or a night out of partying and the bathroom sink seems so far away...

I myself have had to battle with that. A couple of weeks ago after staying out late at the Industry Winter Festival, I skipped my nightly wash. Not immediately, but in a couple of days I could see the difference; dullness, a couple of clogged pores and, worse, a dreaded zit. Avoid the situation all together by washing your face as soon as you get home. Don’t wait until you’re done watching the Colbert Report.

CetaphilAs far as face washes go, Cetaphil is a great option. It’s easy to find (local drugstore), the “price” is right, and it’s recommended by dermatologist everywhere; it’s good for all skin types. At first you might miss the lather we have come to associate with cleansers, but that lather also strips our face of moisture that we all need. In a pinch you can rub it all over your face and remove it with a tissue along with your makeup and free radicals that float in the air (think car exhaust). I use it with my Clarasonic facial brush (Olay makes a great more budget friendly one as well). Together they keep my skin properly exfoliated and hydrated. A facial brush gets rid of more dirt, oil and make-up than just using your hands.

Part of facial washing is proper exfoliation. A baby’s skin replenishes itself completely every 14 days. By age 30, an adult takes a full 28 to 30 days to replenish. All that extra time gives skin cells a chance to dry out and lose luster, unless you jump start the renewal process by exfoliating.

The combination of these products will keep your skin softer, smoother and more radiant. Who does not love that...?

Monday, 19 March 2012 05:00

Lead or Get Out of the Way

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Earlier this month there was an article in the news about a Lesbian couple in a heated custody battle in Central Florida. The couple, whose names were left out of the article, had conceived a child through artificial insemination. Two years after the child was born they split and the birth mother ran away with the child to Australia. Six years later her partner tracked her down with a private investigator and is now suing for custody. A case like this is usually open and shut. We are all too familiar with the way the law works in these instances. The court almost always, unless there is a history of abuse, sides with the natural mother; even in custody cases amongst married straight couples. But this case was a bit more complex than usual because although the woman who disappeared with the child was the "birth" mother, the child was biologically related to the other partner. She had donated one of her eggs which was then fertilized and implanted in her partner.

This case is poised to force the State of Florida lawmakers to reconsider a 19-year-old law regarding the rights of sperm and egg donors. The fight over the now 8-year-old girl is before the state Supreme Court, which has not announced whether it will consider the case or not. A trial judge has already ruled for the birth mother and said the biological mother has no parental rights under state law, adding to his decision that he hoped his decision would be overturned. The 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach obliged with his request and sided with the biological mother, saying that both women have parental rights.

At issue now before the court is the 1993 state law meant to regulate sperm and egg donation which debates whether the constitutional right to procreate includes outside-the-body technologies used to conceive. Also at issue are constitutional questions about gay people's right to raise children and claim equal protection under the law.

Reading about this case gave me a headache. What a horrible mess and what a horrible shame that there is a sweet 8 year old trapped in the middle of it. I won't begin to comment on the behaviors of the mothers as the article was scarce with personal details about the circumstances of the break-up. I will, however, shake a disapproving finger at the Florida State Legislature.

People continue to think that if they ignore us and refuse to enact laws on our behalf that we might one day slip quietly into the night, never to be heard from again. They forget that the number one job of the Legislature is to enact laws to protect the public; that protects its people. The Florida Legislature’s inability to pass gay marriage laws and gay adoption laws has crippled our community and has stunted our growth. The law cannot be viewed as written in stone. It must change and evolve at the same rate as the people it is attempting to govern, otherwise it becomes obsolete. Someone along the way has dropped the ball on all issues gay, and now an 8 year old child is suffering the consequences. Hopefully, this case will bring the issue back to the forefront and force our Legislators to do the job we elected them to do; lead and protect us all, gay or straight.

Sunday, 04 March 2012 21:36

Brows, Brows and more Brows

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Arching Orders: First Rule ladies; step away from the tweezers. Say hello to healthy full arches. Fuller brows look more youthful and balance out your facial features.

It's all about the shape. Everyone looks better with a slightly square and straight edge. If unsure about shape, you should leave it to the pros. Otherwise, just tweeze away obvious strays and keep your brows trim.

If your brows need re-hab from over-tweezing you should try one of the new growth products made especially for lashes and brows.

Below find examples of growth products I recommend at all price points:

Revita Brow - retails for $ 110 - worth every penny. Incredible results in about eight weeks.

Lash Pix - retails for about $ 75 - does a good job, strengthens and conditions for darker, longer fuller lashes and brows.

Rimmel Lash and Brow Serum - retails for about $ 10.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

Friday, 02 March 2012 22:31

Delicias de España

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Delicias de España

A little slice of Spain in Miami.....

The tapas are only the beginning to a wonderful start at Delicias de España located on Bird Road and 57th Avenue in South Miami. Their bakery items are a vast variety of Spaniard delights. You will not only get to dine there, but you can also shop for whatever items you may need for your kitchen at home. Next to the restaurant they have a large family style store where you can just as easily pick up a new frying pan, purchase a bottle of exquisite olive oil, or a beautiful broach to wear in your hair. Maybe your obsession will be the Spanish "abanico", they are mine as well and if that is the case you will have abanico's galore to choose from.

The selection of Spanish wines is also very special, as is the selection of olive oil. I consider myself an olive oil connoisseur, I simple love and admire fine olive oil. I eat raw olive oil with almost everything and I cook mostly with olive oil. You don’t have to spend tremendous amount of money to get good olive oil, you just have to educate yourself and know where to find it. Delicias de España is a family place for everyone to enjoy a nice brunch with your loved ones or pick up a “Tarta de Santiago” for a dinner party where you have been designated the dessert person. Whatever the occasion is you will really enjoy your food at Delicias de España.

Friday, 02 March 2012 22:14

The Gold Coast Derby Grrls

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The entire Bound team had the privilege of attending a roller derby bout on February 4, 2012 to cheer on our local team and the subject of this article, The Gold Coast Derby Grrls

Roller Derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track. The teams skate a series of short match-ups called "jams" in which both teams designate a Jammer who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. Each team's goal is to try to help their Jammer get ahead of the other team while simultaneously attempting to stop the Jammer of the opposing team. This involves a lot of pushing, knocking over, and falling- in essence they beat the crap out of each other and in the process have fun doing it!

Another interesting twist to this sport is that most players skate under a pseudonym, also called "derby name" or "skater name". The player has two choices, pick their own name or have the team assign a name to them. The derby name becomes each player's alter egos and they are so comfortable with it that you often see them refer to each other in conversation using only their derby names. The names are usually examples of sexy word play, sarcasm, allusions to pop culture, or double entendres. There is even an international roster where each name is registered in order to ensure novelty and uniqueness of the alias before officially using it.

These women spend five days a week practicing together. They sustain injuries that are not for the faint of heart. They proudly show off their bruises, scars and broken bones because they were earned. There is no doubt that they are some tough bitches, but like every beautiful woman, they also have a soft side. The team’s spiritual mascot is the Butterfly. They adopted it after fans started noticing that the players would gesture to each other the symbol with their hands for the butterfly before a game. For them it meant to let go, let go of their troubles and skate their hearts out. On bout nights they go into that rink with two things in mind- skating hard and keeping each other safe.

I can write about all the team’s stats but you can find that out HERE.  I can also write about each individual players delicious wit and sexy humor, but you can read that in their bios HERE. Instead I want to write about what made me fall in love with the team that night... their heart.

As is customary after every bout, the team has an after party and the fans are invited. We arrived to find all the players, still in uniform, partying with the team they had just played against. The bar was packed with players and fans alike, dancing together, sharing a laugh, and, of course, a drink or two.  Every team player I spoke to had the same thing to say.

"We are all here for each other, like a family. Someone needs to move, we help. Someone has a problem, we pitch in," Carnivorous Licks explained to me as she introduced me to the players.

A bit taken aback by how easily they were all partying with the team that they just played against, I asked if there was any animosity amongst the teams. G.I. Moe explained to me that it wasn't just their team that was like a family, it was all of the Derby Teams across the U.S. and abroad.

"Wherever we travel to, we always have a place to stay because players from other teams open their homes to us. We've hosted a few girls from other Derby teams in our homes as well," G.I Moe explained with a satisfied smile on her face.

What really is a family? All throughout human history, families represented strength. The larger the family was, the likelier they were to survive. They hunted together, worked in unison, and took care of each other when one fell ill. In modern day society, the structure of a family has evolved significantly, with more emphasis placed on the emotional support one receives from those who love you the most. There has been a lot of talk in recent years of what truly makes a family. Some would argue that the correct interpretation of a family is a husband, wife and children. I happen to disagree. I believe a true family is that group of people who loves you unconditionally, who believes in you when no one else does, who helps you heal when you are hurt, and laugh's alongside you when you are happy. That is part of the beautiful art of being human. With mutual trust, that is only earned through sharing blood, sweat, and tears together, these ladies have found a support system in each other that is as old as time itself. A support system that is so rare many people spend their whole lives searching for it. I, for one, felt lucky to spend an evening with the Gold Coast Derby Grrls.

If you'd like to be a part of the Gold Coast Derby Grrls, you are in luck because they are always looking for fresh meat. Newcomers are welcomed every Friday at the Skatezone in Wellington between 8:30 pm-10:30 pm and Sunday at Kabooms in Davie between 9 am -11 am.

Friday, 02 March 2012 22:10


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Bound"I have this image of you, inside of me, like a part of me." That is the first line to one of the hottest films I've ever seen and the subject of this week's review, "Bound".

Every new issue of our e-zine, we will be reviewing a different LGBT film, book, or television show. Some will be of new and upcoming media and others will be of classic media that has somehow left an imprint on the gay community throughout the years. There is no better film choice to review for our first issue than that which we share a namesake with, "Bound".

This film was so artfully crafted that it cannot be defined as only a lesbian film nor can it be defined as only a mafia film. This is a true crime thriller filled with sex, intrigue and suspense that leaves the viewer breathless and in need of a cold shower. Roger Ebert said it best when he described it as "one of those movies that works you up, wrings you out and leaves you gasping."

The film was directed in 1996 by the Wachowskis in their directional debut and tells the tale of two women so eager to escape the traps of their lives that they hatch a scheme to steal two million dollars from the mafia.

Violet (Jennifer Tilly) is a beautiful woman trapped in a relationship with a mafioso named Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) who enters into a hot clandestine affair with an alluring ex-con named Corky (Gina Gershon) who is remodeling the apartment next door. Violet and Corky have secret rendezvous and become lovers. Violet whispers that she wants to escape Caesar so the two women can start a new life together.

The first half of the film is simply orgasmic. Every line and every scene is meant to generate sexual tension in the audience. The on screen chemistry between Gershon and Tilly can only be described as truly erotic. The writing surely adds to the mix, with lines delivered with such precision that they leave you breathless and wanting more. In an effort to maintain the authenticity of the on screen lesbian affair, the Wachowskis employed Susie Bright, a famous sex educator and writer, to choreograph the exquisite sex scenes. Just when you think the film is shaping up to be a "skinemax" flick, the plot thickens and keeps on thickening, twisting the characters and the audience ever tighter into a sticky web of murder, blood, sex and money.

The two women come up with an elaborate heist to steal two million dollars for Caesar to run away together. The heist depends on split-second timing; if anything goes wrong, they could be dead. Of course everything goes wrong. To describe what happens in the film's brilliant and long-sustained heist sequence would be unfair, it's just something you want to experience on your own. Bodies begin stacking up quickly and our lesbian heroines are in constant danger of exposure and death.

"Bound" is shocking and violent film, but so skillfully crafted with so many moving and enticing parts that the audience can't help but be glued to the screen the whole time. If you've never watched this film I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and go rent it right now, trust me… it's that good. If you are like me and own a copy of the film which you display proudly on your mantle, pop it into the DVD player and enjoy the ride, for this is a film that gets sexier every time you watch it.

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