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Arielle Scarcella

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Arielle ScarcellaI’m not sure how I ended up on Arielle’s channel way back when. But, what I do remember was becoming instantly charmed by the host’s larger-than-life personality and her distinct Brooklyn accent, as she looked straight at the camera and shared her tips on how to pick up girls (the wrong way). “Who was this?” I thought, while cracking up. After her other videos had the same effect, I instantly subscribed. How could I resist? There was finally a lesbian on YouTube that told it like it is.

I certainly wasn’t the only one that noticed, last year she was one of 16 chosen as the YouTube Next Vlogger, and she has nearly 200,000 subscribers among her 3 channels. That’s right. Three channels:

Girlfriends TV is a backstage pass into the life of a single lesbian and gets a fresh new video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Arielle, a comedy vlog, is updated every Sunday.

Project Toasty, a vlog described as being about self expression and exploration, gets a new release every other Thursday.

Arielle took some time from her crazy schedule to answer our questions about her channels and her qualification to be “the best friend you’ve always wanted.”

Let's rewind to 4 years ago. Tell me about your first vlog. What inspired you and what was your topic?

My first video ever was called 'Lesbian Cougars' -- which is still public to this day. It tells the story of me being hit on by a 45 year old woman and her boyfriend at the biggest lesbian club in the city.

Which is your favorite all-time episode?

HA. Believe it or not they aren't even popular videos of mine. I love my video about hipster art students and I love my lesbian threesome song video :)

You receive very many comments on your posts. What are some of your favorite notes?

Anytime someone tells me I've inspired them or changed their life. It actually happens more on my Girlfriends TV channel than any other.

How do you decide what your topics are going to be? Are they based on your real life experiences?

I have about 100 or so written down, but there are reasons I haven't posted them yet. I try to keep it LGBT-based, but with a twist to keep things interesting. Sometimes I'm driven by experiences and sometimes it's a viewer’s comment.

I'm currently looking to fill the position of "best friend I've always wanted." I hear you're pretty good at being a best friend. What are your qualifications?

I'm the BEST at being a best friend in every way unless it comes to killing bugs. You're on your own.

In many ways, your channels have become a place for lesbians from all over the world to not only come for a laugh, but also to feel part of a virtual community. There is not really a question there. It's more of an observation. We are just in awe of your work and pleasantly surprised when every week you come up with a witty topic to get the conversation going. Congratulations!

I feel I've been very lucky in many ways. I have a family who supports me and I have a voice. I do my best to get a good message across to as many people as I can. Thank you!

Mari de Armas

Contributing Writer

Mari loves only three things: writing, her girlfriend, and Hialeah, FL. She has traveled all around the world, but never took a single picture. She also enjoys the ocean, but is petrified to swim in it. Mari also considers herself to be Cuban, but has never stepped foot in the country.


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