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SAVE Dade’s 19th Annual Halloween Ball

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Save Dade Armadeddon Halloween Ball

On Saturday, October 26th, 2013, you can “join the resistance,” against invading space aliens at SAVE Dade’s 19th Annual Halloween Ball. For nearly two decades SAVE Dade has outdone itself with the theme and entertainment, which is why they have become the premiere Halloween party/fundraiser of South Florida. And this year is no different. Starring Tracy Young and the impending threat of Armageddon, the community will party like the world is about to end.

The party starts at 10 p.m. at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Now, before I tell you the price of admission, I’d like to remind you of two things: First and foremost, this is a fundraiser directly benefiting SAVE Dade’s initiatives. If you don’t know what SAVE Dade does, they protect us from discrimination through political advocacy. In other words, they make sure that our needs as a community are addressed through legislation. And the other important fact you should know about this party is that Admission INCLUDES OPEN BAR. Let me say that again. Guests will enjoy an evening of OPEN BAR, dancing, special performances, and a themed costume contest with over $1,000 in cash and prizes. The price, $100. The experience, priceless.

Get your tickets by visiting http://www.savedadehalloween.org

Mari de Armas

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Mari loves only three things: writing, her girlfriend, and Hialeah, FL. She has traveled all around the world, but never took a single picture. She also enjoys the ocean, but is petrified to swim in it. Mari also considers herself to be Cuban, but has never stepped foot in the country.

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