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Hair Color Blind

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I've started a new project.

I'm writing a romantic comedy.

Romantic comedy films are not my preferred genre. They are not my preferred anything. But, that's probably because there hasn't been a movie that truly spoke to me in the way that "Pretty Woman" spoke to up-and-coming prostitutes looking for love.

So, I've set out to write a script about a love story between two women (SPOILER ALERT) with a happy ending.

In my initial research, I read a couple of scripts and watched a bunch of lesbian movies and television shows. Well, as I slaved away, making notes of what I liked and didn't like, I noticed something. No, not that one of the lesbians always dies a tragic death, although that was very much the case. I noticed that the couple consisted of, for the most part, a blonde and a brunette.

But wait, it gets even weirder.

The blonde generally played the part of the "straight girl" seduced by the brunette, alpha female.

The L Word

The L Word

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

High Art

High Art

But I'm A Cheerleader

But I'm A Cheerleader

south of Nowhere

South of Nowhere

What does this all mean? Are blondes just waiting to be swept off their feet by an aggressive brunette lesbian? Or worse. Are all blondes straight until they meet the right brunette lesbian? And, more importantly, I'm a brunette with ombre blonde streaks. What kind of a mixed message am I sending out?

I'm sure there are countless of scholarly papers out there explaining the psychology behind hair color, or why Wonder Woman was a brunette, or why both gentlemen and lesbians prefer blondes, but I'm not going to read them. This little exercise provided enough evidence for me to make a decision that will revolutionize the romantic comedy genre and most likely win an Oscar in the hair and make-up category.

I've decided that the entire movie will take place in a shower and both characters will wear shower caps. This way there will finally be a movie that explores the human condition to love and be loved regardless of a woman's hair color.

Shout out: Check out for a really great comprehensive collection of lesbian films and television shows.

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  • Comment Link Elizabeth Thursday, 12 September 2013 02:10 posted by Elizabeth

    You could consider making both the protagonists brunettes or blondes.Or really start to freak out popular culture and give them both multicolored hair.


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