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Let’s play, “Have you ever...”

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In honor of Pandora Event’s 15th Anniversary, here are 15 questions that will either make you blush or yell, “Yes!” over and over again.

Have you ever...

sexted someone?

used handcuffs?

bought and/or played sex games?

got “sexy time” in the next room of a party/house?

done it in a car?

had sex during your period?

queefed in the middle of sex?

faked an orgasm?

had sex in your parents house?

slept with your ex’s ex?

made out with a stranger?

had sex more than 3 times in one day?

had a one-night-stand?

snuck in a work day quickie?

have you ever had sex in a bathroom during a Pandora Party?

All 15 Yes’s: You are a sex machine

10 - 14 Yes’s: You are a sexy beast

9 - 5 Yes’s: You are just starting your sexual journey

4 - 1 Yes’s: You have just left the convent.

0 Yes’s: Drop me a line, I’ll make you say YES all night long.

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